Bob’s Red Mill Oat Crackers

Bob’s Red Mill Oat Crackers

I love Bob’s Red Mill products, and these were no exception. The crackers were thicker or denser than say Wheat Thins (even though the box says “thin & crisp”) and were delicious with hummus. Not salty like Wheat Thins, just right, and slightly larger. Great for cheese and cold cuts, but you will need to buy a few boxes if entertaining; it’s a small box (8″ x 4.5″ x 2″), and an even smaller bag of crackers inside (says “4 servings” and about “8 in a serving”, meaning 32 crackers in the box) and many of the crackers were broken, that was a disappointment. I found them in the Cracker aisle at Sprout’s for $3.99, not in the gluten-free aisle where I expected them to be.

They come in several flavors, I chose the “classic” flavor. Enjoy!

Good & Gather GF Homestyle Waffles

Good & Gather GF Homestyle Waffles

Good & Gather is the home brand of Target food products. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Target having THE BEST gluten free waffles I’ve ever tasted! Hands down the most flavorful waffles, thick and crunchy. I’ve eaten Vans Gluten Free and Nature’s Path Organic Gluten Free, both in various flavors, none as good as the basic Homestyle waffles offered by Target. And the price is less than $2.50 for a box of 8 waffles. Go stock up!

  • Good & Gather GF Homestyle Waffles
  • NO artificial flavors, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners!
  • NO high fructose corn syrup
  • No synthetic color
  • Certified GF
  • 8 waffles in a package
  • Money back guarantee, so you can’t go wrong!
  • In Target’s freezer section
  • Allergens- contains soy
  • Also states on box that it “contains a bioengineered food product”, though I don’t know which ingredient it is.

I regularly use these waffles for almond butter & jelly sandwiches, egg sandwiches, with syrup, and with sliced bananas. Also great drenched with berries!

As an aside, I see from numerous reviews on the Target site, that many people hate the crunchiness of these waffles. Frankly, I am so tired of mushy, limp GF waffles and tortillas that I would take dry any day! Here’s the link to Target’s waffle page for more reviews.

Red’s GF Chicken, Cilantro and Lime Bowl

Red’s GF Chicken, Cilantro and Lime Bowl

I found this entree at Sprout’s, and because I was alone that night, I bought it to enjoy on my own. It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased a rice bowl, it’s my favorite because of all the fun ingredients- rice, chicken, veggies/beans, and from the picture, I got the impression the chicken was tender and flavorful.

It was easy to microwave for a quick meal. Cut a few 1″ slits in the plastic wrap and pop in the microwave for 4 minutes on high, then let sit for a minute before you stir and enjoy.

I did pause it at the 2-minute mark to stir it for even cooking. I didn’t stir it so much as shake it a bit to mix.

When I removed the plastic wrap, it looked rather bland & dull, not enticing like the entree pictured.

The flavor was real peppery (pepper is the last ingredient on the list), the brown rice mushy not light and fluffy (more similar to oatmeal, soggy and wet), the roasted red bell peppers limp and sad. The chicken flavor was bland, unsavory.

I ate half, mainly focusing on eating the chicken, and debated saving the rest for the next day, I chose to throw the rest away.

Not a product I’d buy again. I think it was on sale for $4.99.

  • Red’s brand
  • 15G protein
  • Gluten free
  • No antibiotics
  • One serving bowl
  • $4.99 on sale at Sprout’s Market
Front of box, the picture of bowl made me look forward to the taste.
Low fat, high protein, good amount of fiber and potassium.