A Beginner’s Guide to Gluten-Free

A Beginner’s Guide to Gluten-Free

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I love Canyon Bakehouse hamburger buns, they make pulled pork sandwiches like dessert to me! I subscribe to their e-newsletter for the articles, but mainly for the coupons.

Here’s their latest article…

A Beginner’s Guide to Gluten-Free

Nature Valley Granola Bars GF?

Nature Valley Granola Bars GF?


My son, who isn’t a GF eater, now prefers Clif bars to be added to his lunches, instead of the dry granola bars I now have in abundance in the pantry. So, as I clear out old soon-to-expire food and move it forward in the rotation to use, this bin of Nature Valley granola bars is staring at me. BGF (before gluten-free), I loved these, but I have avoided eating them now because they don’t say GF on them. I did throw out the box months ago, so I only have the info listed on each individual bar to go by, and there is no mention about wheat, although they do have “whole grain oats” which I always question.

Not really wanting to throw them out, I decided to check online for more info about the bars. I found this blog by Gluten Free Girlfriend very helpful, but after reading the comments to her blog post, I have decided not to eat them. Thank you, GF Girlfriend!

GF Girlfriend’s blog about Nature Valley granola bars

3/28/14- Desperate times lead to desperate measures and I was at the hospital on an emergency, having not eaten, I was in a bind, literally about to pass out. I had 2 packages of these granola bars in my purse, I keep them there to hand to a homeless person if they ask for money. I thought twice but needed something to eat and ate one package (2 bars). I feel fine, although I will go prepared next time so I don’t have to be relying on this product.