“World’s Best” Mac and Cheese

“World’s Best” Mac and Cheese

I got a text from my daughter-in-law telling me about “the best mac & cheese” they’d ever tasted AND it was gluten-free (they don’t have sensitivities, they just decided to try it out). Happened to be “on sale” for $9.99 (regularly $12.99) at the grocery store she works at.

And for the next few months, they asked if I’d tried it, but each store in my area did not carry the gluten-free product. I finally found it at a Safeway, same price, $9.99 on sale for an 18oz package.

Make sure it bears the orange certified “gluten-free” packaging. It may be sitting next to the regular product.

I haven’t had real mac & cheese in ages! Mainly because I’d been avoiding dairy/cheese (for sensitivity reasons) and only recently added it back into my meals. This was the real deal as far as macaroni & cheese goes- very cheesy, rich, creamy…almost too creamy when it first comes out of the microwave, very soupy sauce. Maybe I just didn’t let it sit long enough after microwaving (it asks you to “let set for up to 2 minutes before serving”). I think this is so the penne pasta absorbs the runny cheesy goodness, as I found the noodles seemed a bit undercooked/firm and dry, not at all tender…at first.

The more I ate, the better it tasted! Soupy with cheese!!! And it left me thinking if I had been alone, I might have eaten the whole package, which at 2.5 servings per package and 14G of *saturated fat* PER SERVING, would be a bit over the top.

The package made 2 meals (one for me and then next day for hubby). My portion was generous and I added parmesan cheese to thicken the soupy sauce. There was still too much sauce at the bottom of the bowl when I was finished with the pasta, so I added a few sliced tomatoes, which didn’t sop up the sauce as much as make it runnier but the tomatoes added a new dimension to the sauce and ideas for next time.

My hubby enjoyed it with some grilled shrimp, and deemed Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese as worthy of another purchase.

$9.99 is a steep price for cheesy noodles, even gluten-free, but in a pinch, if you don’t want or have the time to make it yourself, this is a great alternative and a delicious treat.

Ideas for extending or embellishing the meal-

  • add tomatoes or other veggies for color,
  • add meat or fish,
  • enjoy with a salad,
  • use as a side dish.

Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese

Certified gluten-free

Frozen food section, you may have to ask for it

Serves 2-4

It’s vegetarian too

Conventional oven or microwave cooking directions

Allergens- contains milk

Mac and Cheese before baking.


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