Having your story be respected

Having your story be respected

Several years ago, as I helped a friend move, she introduced me as “the person who is writing the gluten-free blog”. The response to her intro was hurtful, especially coming from a guy who didn’t even know me; he said, “well, you’ve been gluten-free for years. You should write a blog before she does.” Ugh!

The response has stuck with me for years, haunted me and kept me from writing when I wanted to; “who are you to write anything when there are so many others who know it better than you do?” His words from years ago still hold sway over me and my blog writing.

No longer!

My intention is to be more mindful with posting here- about my gluten-free experience which is on-going since 2013, food reviews, and topics on body image and food-related challenges.

We are all experts on our own experiences and trials. No one else can give that testimony or witness. To my “friend” who may or may not be reading this, I hope you yourself have started your own blog to help others through the challenges of GF living, you helped me, however, remember to be cognizant of others and their feelings and their need to be heard.



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