Restaurant Review: Red House Cafe in Pacific Grove

Restaurant Review: Red House Cafe in Pacific Grove

This last week, my hubby & I went to Monterey to celebrate our anniversary. Had a great meal at The Red House Cafe in Pacific Grove (as usual). Our favorite waitress is familiar with GF eating and is always helpful; they are willing to substitute and change any menu item (“…Please be aware that many of our dishes have ingredients which are not listed on the menu. If you have any restrictions, please inform your server.”) I got the Grilled Lamb Chops, served with sautéed vegetables, mashed potatoes, but no au jus sauce (flour). I cannot remember the last time I had lamb, and it was delicious, perfectly grilled with just the right amount of charred flavor, mmmmm! Ate only one of two on my plate, so I had leftovers to enjoy when I got home.

photo 1

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any GF desserts. Maybe next time! And while you are there, check out Miss Trawick’s Garden Shop which is basically behind and under the restaurant on Lighthouse Ave.


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