Restaurant Review: L&L Hawaiian BBQ

Restaurant Review: L&L Hawaiian BBQ


There is an L&L Hawaiian BBQ close to our house, I pass it and smell the scent whenever I shop at Costco. My son loves their Chicken Katsu and whenever he has it, it is a celebration (for him) and that delicious scent is in my house, making my mouth water. I have resisted the urge to taste it.

The last time I went to Costco, I stopped in to ask whether *anything* on their menu was GF. I got a weird look and the woman wasn’t understanding, as I think most aren’t.

Yesterday, my husband stopped at L&L to get himself & my son dinner (I fend for myself on evenings like this and I’m fine with that). I got a text that he found an employee who understood GF and said ALL their meat is soaked in a marinade that contains “wheat”. I’m out of luck ever eating there, but the scent, the mouth-watering scent, can be mine GF and dollar-free.


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