2019 Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List

2019 Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List

Just in time for Halloween! Lots of gluten-free ideas for your treaters!

Very Well’s GF candy list updated in September 2019. Lots of great candy to share with trick-or-treaters or your own little monsters.

Schar’s new cookie treats!
“Are you looking for gluten free, individually wrapped candies this Halloween? We’ve got the perfect treats! Choose between: Chocolix – a chocolate covered candy bar filled with caramel, Sch’nacks – little cakes with cream filling, Twin Bar – delicious wafers covered in thick European chocolate, and finally, our Chocolate Hazelnut Bars – light and crispy wafers, covered in chocolate and filled with a hazelnut cream; or get them all now!”


I’ve also found the most delicious Scottie Dog Licorice at my local market, made by Gimbal’s Candy in the ol’ USA (San Francisco!) Peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, egg free, and kosher pareve! AND no high fructose corn syrup either! I found them on clearance several months ago and bought all the bags they had, then a few weeks ago, they were back at my market in new packaging! (Pictured- (L) old black & white, (R) new white & black). Although these are not in individual portion-size bags, they can still be enjoyed by those you know by placing them in snack-size bags. I love them for going to the movie theater, I make them last by cutting each dog in 3 pieces with scissors and savoring each piece.


Something more to consider about my beloved Scotties…

Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2020
To: Gimbals Customer Service
Subject: Scottie’s ingredients

I love your licorice! I can’t eat other licorice brands because I have a gluten sensitivity. A friend is saying that black licorice can cause heart disease because it robs the body of potassium. Because of the sweetening compound “glycyrrhizin”. I don’t see this as an ingredient on your packages and am hoping it is not included, because I have genetic heart issues. Can you confirm whether this ingredient is in your Scotties that I love so much?

Received: Wednesday, March 16, 2020
From: Gimbals Customer Service
Subject: Scottie’s ingredients

Please forgive the delay in responding to your question. (over 1 month to reply to me)

Thank you for your compliment of our Black Licorice Scottie Dogs.  They do contain a small amount of Glycyrrhizin because we use Real Licorice Root extract, along with Pure Anise.  Glycyrrhizin naturally occurs in Licorice Root.  The amount of Licorice Root Extract is pretty low. 0.02% and the amount of Glycyrrhizin is a portion of that.  Just to be on the safe side though, you should discontinue eating this product until you speak with your physician.

We hope that the amount is negligible enough that you will be able to continue enjoying them, since it’s obviously a favorite.

Thank you for writing and again, please accept my apology for keeping you waiting.


Gimbal’s Customer Service


Schar Bread and Storage

Schar Bread and Storage

This info came through an email from Schar (www.schaer.com). I’ve purchased their products in the past, amazed that they are so fresh for so long on the shelf. I guess I didn’t know that you have to consume it quickly after opening. If there is too much left to eat within a few days, I always freeze it. Honestly, I’d rather not waste the bread, even if it doesn’t taste as good after being frozen. -A

How to Properly Store Our Bread
Since there are no preservatives in any of our products, the bread molds faster than you would expect. The packaging keeps it fresh and shelf stable for 4 months, however after opening, you will need to enjoy within 2-3 days (depending on your environment).

Since we know it can be difficult to consume a whole loaf of bread in one sitting, we suggest placing the product in an air tight container in the fridge. Enjoy!

10 Non-Food Ways to Treat Yourself – For Less Than 20 Dollars

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Source: 10 Non-Food Ways to Treat Yourself – For Less Than 20 Dollars

GIG Membership

GIG Membership

Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) membership

“GIG has been providing resources, educational information, and outreach initiatives since 1974 to all individuals who are living gluten-free. We would be excited to have you join us for our next period of growth and expansion!”

To sign up for their monthly e-newsletters, just give them your email address. They are a great resource whether you are new to GF living or a seasoned pro.